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Licensing Fees

As of November 1, 2017 the fee submitted with an application will be considered an application fee rather than a license or permit fee.  As such, fees are non-refundable regardless of a license or permit being issued.  If you have questions or concerns about the feasibilty of acquiring a license or permit, you are encouraged to call the Vermont DLC and speak with the Licensing Department before submitting your application.  (NOTE: personal checks are not accepted.) 

Martin Prevost - (802) 828-2348

First Class Fee
Restaurant $115 to DLC - $115to Town/City
Hotel $115 to DLC - $115 to Town/City
Club $115 to DLC - $115 to Town/City
Commercial Caterer $115 to DLC - $115 to Town/City
Railroad Dining Car $230 to DLC
Boat $230 to DLC
Second Class Fee
Retail $70 to DLC - $70 to Town/City
Fortified Wines Permit $100 to DLC
Retail Delivery Permit $100 to DLC






Third Class Fee
Half Year License $550 to DLC
Full Year License $1,095 to DLC


Vermont Manufacturers Fee
License to Manufacture* $285 to DLC
Farmers Market Permit* $70 to DLC
Fourth Class License* $70 to DLC
Direct Ship to Consumers** $330 to DLC
Direct Ship to Retail*** $250 to DLC
Solicitors Permit $70 to DLC
Special Events Permit $35 to DLC
Tasting Permit** $25 to DLC
* Vinous, Malt or Spirits  
** Vinous or Malt  
*** Vinous Only  


Out of State Manufacturers Fee
Certificate of Approval for Vinous Beverages $985 to DLC
Certificate of Approval for Malt Beverages $2,485 to DLC
Direct Ship to Consumers* $330 to DLC
Direct Ship to Retail** $250 to DLC
Solicitors Permit $70 to DLC
* Vinous or Malt  
** Vinous Only  


Vermont Wholesale Dealers Fee
Vermont Wholesale Dealers $1,245 to DLC
Solicitors Permit $70 to DLC
Tasting Permit* $25 to DLC
*Vinous or Malt - VT Wholesale Dealers  


Other License or Permit Fee
Bottlers License $1,865 to DLC
Break-Open Ticket Distributor $2,000 to DLC
Break-Open Ticket Manufacturer $3,000 to DLC
Educational Sampling Permit $250 to DLC
Event at Special Venue* $20 to DLC
Festival Permit $125 to DLC
Master Resort License $1,000 to DLC
Railroad Tasting Permit $20 to DLC
Tobacco Endorsement Permit $50 to DLC
Tobacco Only License $110 to DLC
Industrial Alcohol Distributors License $220 to DLC
Wine Storage Facility License $235 to DLC
* Art Gallery, Book Store, Library, Museum