This page includes links and suggests for information that may be helpful to the public.
  • ID CHECKING TOOLS: The Division of Liquor Control recommends that businesses familiarize themselves with what acceptable forms of ID look like from other states.  This can help with identifying fake IDs.  The DLC offers ID Checking Guides and UV lighted maginfiers for sale.  They can be ordered using the form HERE by check or money order.  Credit card orders for these items can be placed from this link HERE.  Please be aware that due to COVID-19 there may be a delay in the shipping of your order.
  • NABCA:  Vermont is one of 17 States and jurisdictions that regulate the sale and distribution of alcoholic beverages.  Known as control states the National Alcohol Beverage Control Association is a vital resource in our efforts.

  • VERMONT AGENCY ON COMMERCE AND COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT: The ACCD is providing guidance and is a COVID-19 Recovery Resource Service for businesses.  Access their site at

  • VERMONT DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH: The DOH's website includes a lot of helpful information about the health effects of alcohol and tobacco.  There is a list of Prevention Coalitions that work in your area, as well as a host of other documents and resources.

  • APPROVED TRAINING PROGRAMS: This document contains images of the current DLL training certificates as well as other approved certificates for training sellers and or servers in the State of Vermont.  It includes approved 3rd party vendor trainings so that employers can determine if an employee's certification is acceptable for use in Vermont.   **Approved Training Certificates**        UPDATED AUGUST 2020

  • NLLEA:  The National Liquor Law Enforcement Association is a non-profit association of law enforcement personnel dedicated to the enforcement of liquor laws and regulations. National Liquor Law Enforcement Association
  • TTB:  The Alcohol and Tobacco and Trade Bureau is a branch of the US Treasury Department that regulates alcohol, tobacco and firearms.  Manufacturers must have their federal licenses and permits to be licensed in State of Vermont. Alcohol & Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau
  • USAPA: The U.S. Alcohol Policy Alliance is a non-profit, nonpartisan organization translating alcohol policy research into public health practice.  The Alliance is committed to ensuring that local and statewide organizations engaging in alcohol policy initiatives have access to science, resources and technical assistance, including support for organizing efforts, required to engage in informed decision and actions translating alcohol policy research into public health practice.  U.S. Alcohol Policiy Alliance
  • DSCOV: The Distilled Spirits Council of Vermont is Vermont's voice for the distilled spirits manufacturers in Vermont. The Council meets about once a year in person(usually in the Fall) and monthly by conference call. They discuss issues of importance to Vermont's Spirit industry including such topics as: current laws and new legislation both State and Federal, safety, sourcing of materials, tax issues, and various other topics.  Distilled Spirits Council of Vermont

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