A license to sell or serve liquor

License Status

License Status

Interactive dashboard to assist Town Clerks to manage License Renewals.



How to Apply for Other Licenses and Permits

These permits are obtained by downloading the appropriate permit application form.   Complete and submit the application to the Department of Liquor Control with the appropriate fees.

As always please familiarize yourself with Vermont Laws and Regulations concerning Liquor Control.

How to Apply for a Second Class License

This license is obtained by downloading the Second Class License application form and filling it in its entirety and submitting the application to the Town/City Clerk of the intended location with the appropriate fees.  At the next duly warned meeting of the local licensing control commission, the application will be taken up for consideration.

How to Apply for a First and Third Class License

A First Class License allows an establishment to serve beer and wine and the application is submitted to the town or city for approval.   An establishment that would also like to serve spirits may download and complete a Third Class License application.  Application for a Third Class License does not go to the town and may be submitted directly to the DLC with the appropriate fee at any time.

What is a First Class License?

A First Class License allows an establishment to serve beer and wine.  Establishments that intend to serve spirits must also apply for a Third Class License.  Only the First Class License must be approved by the locality before application can be made to the Department of Liquor Control.  Both the First and the Third Class License applications may be submitted to the DLC at the same time.

Forms for All Applications and Renewals

Download the application  forms to fill out. Most of them can be filled out on-screen by clicking on areas and typing. Print out and mail in with the appropriate fees. (NOTE: personal checks are not accepted.)  All of them use the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software.  If you get a "Bad Encrypt Dictionary" error, download a more current version of Adobe Acrobate Reader.

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