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The following rules and regulations have the force of law by virtue of Vermont Statutes Annotated, Title 7, as amended. They may be altered from time to time as experience dictates.

It shall be the duty of all licensees upon receipt of a contract of license to familiarize themselves with the laws of the State of Vermont relative to the sale of intoxicating beverages, and to the rules and regulations of the Board applying to their particular license. In case of an infraction of the laws, rules and regulations by any licensee, such infraction shall be deemed prima facie evidence of the licensee's unfitness to hold a license.

The Board may in its discretion, after giving the licensee or permittee an opportunity to be heard, revoke any license or permit granted by it or any license granted by the commissioners of any town or city whenever it determines that the licensee or the permittee has violated the laws of the State of Vermont, any rule or regulation of the Board, or any condition of the license or permit.

26-020-001 Vt. Code R. § 1