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How to Apply for a First and Third Class License

A First Class License allows an establishment to serve beer and wine and the application is submitted to the town or city for approval.   An establishment that would also like to serve spirits may download and complete a Third Class License application.  Application for a Third Class License does not go to the town and may be submitted directly to the DLC with the appropriate fee at any time.

A First Class License is obtained by downloading the First Class License application form and completing it in its entirety.  Submit the completed application to the Town/City Clerk where the establishment will operate with the appropriate fees for both the town and the DLC in the form of two separate checks.  At the next duly warned meeting of the local licensing control commission, your application will be taken up for consideration. If approved by the locality, the application will be forwarded to the Department of Liquor Control.   You will be contacted by a Department of Liquor Control Investigator.  The Investigator will request the following information:

  1. Copies of your articles of incorporation or LLC. Directors of the corporation  or members of the LLC must be listed. If you're licensing as an individual, you do not need to produce articles of incorporation or LLC.  
  2. Trade name registration which is obtained through the Secretary of State’s Office.
  3. Your Federal employee identification number (FEIN)
  4. Your sales and use, rooms and meals and lodging tax numbers (if applicable) from the Vermont Department of Taxes.
  5. Your health license which you will obtain from the Vermont Department of Health
  6. Proof of training in regards to Vermont’s liquor laws, rules and regulations through the Department of Liquor Control
  7. Copy of Lease, rental agreement or mortgage deed, needs to clearly show the correct name of lessee, I.E. Correct corporate name, LLC name, not individual names unless the license is being operated by an individual or a partnership.
  8. If you have employees, you will need to provide proof of Workman's Compensation Insurance.
  9. If applicable, a copy of your naturalization certificate.

You do not need all of the above paperwork to file your application with your locality however, this information must be provided to the DLC before a license may be issued. The process can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 weeks after the DLC receives your application with ALL information required.
If you would like to sell spirits (vodka, gin, rum, etc.), you will need to fill out the Third Class License application.  This application is sent directly to DLC with the appropriate fee at any time.  It does not go to the city/town.

If time permits, please look at the seminars available through our education department. Seminars are available for $25.00 to you and are a required part of obtaining your liquor license.
Please note--- if you need assistance with Corporate, LLC information or trade name information, please contact the Vermont Secretary of States Office.

Important to remember:  All documents must be in the name of the entity applying for the license.

Contact information for all of the above:

As always please familiarize yourself with Vermont Laws and Regulations concerning Liquor Control