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Forms to Operate a Restaurant or Bar

First and Third Class Licenses

A First Class License allows an establishment to serve beer and wine.  Establishments that intend to serve spirits must also apply for a Third Class License.  Only the First Class License must be approved by the locality before application can be made to the Department of Liquor Control.  Both the First and the Third Class License applications can be submitted to the DLC at the same time.

Caterers that would like to serve alcohol must hold a First and or Third Class License from the Department of Liquor Control in addition to requesting a liquor License to Cater.  A Cater's License may be issued to a brick and mortar establishment (for example, a restaurant or bar)  that would like to cater off premise events.  A Commercial Cater's License may be issued to a caterer that only caters off premise events.  Each catered event must be issued its own permit. 

Download the application  forms to fill out. Most of them can be filled out on-screen by clicking on areas and typing. Print out and mail in with the appropriate fees.  All of them use the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software.  If you get a "Bad Encrypt Dictionary" error, download a more current version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Note that the application requires personal information such as birthdates and social security numbers.  To prevent identity theft, this information is not included on the main forms, but has been moved to a Personal Information Supplementary Form so it can be kept confidential.  Please be sure to submit the supplementary form with all applications.