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Other Licenses and Permits

The DLC offers a variety of other permits and licenses as required by State laws and regulations.  For example, an art gallery, bookstore, public library or museum permit allows these venues to conduct an event at which malt or vinous beverages or both are served by the glass to the public, provided that the event is approved by the local licensing authority.  A permit holder may purchase malt or vinous beverages directly from a licensed retailer. The permit holder shall be subject to the provisions of this title and the rules of the Board regarding the service of alcoholic beverages. If you have questions about which permit you require, please contact our office.

  • Boat License, First and Third Class
  • Break-Open Ticket Manufacturer or Distributor
  • Educational Sampling Event Permit
  • Festival Permit
  • Industrial Alcohol License  
  • Keg Registration Form
  • Malt Tasting Permit
  • Master Resort License
  • Non-Profit Auction Permit
  • Non-Profit Bingo Permit
  • Non-Profit Casino or Texas Hold'em Request
  • Non-Profit Disclosure Form
  • Purchase Alcohol Permit
  • Railroad Tasting Permit
  • Special Venue - Art Gallery, Book Store, Library, or Museum Permit
  • Tobacco Endorsement
  • Tobacco Only License
  • Wine Storage Facility License Application
  • Wine Tasting Permit