2nd Class In-House Training

A Certified In-House Trainer can use the materials found on this page along with other materials provided to them upon certification to train other employees at the store where they work.  The DLC has provided a checklist to ensure all relevant material is covered.  The trainer will review the In-House SellerTraining Manual and  In-House Seller Training Video with the employee before administering the test.  Upon successful completion of the test, the trainer and employee will fill out the certificate and file it at the store.   We recommend a copy in both the employee's file and one at the register or service desk.  Please note that the test and certificate are only available to Certified In-House Trainers.  Also, remember that In-House Training Certifications are not transferable and are not acceptable for licensing or retraining due to violations.  Only Certified In-House Trainers are permitted to deliver In-House training on or after October 1, 2020.  Please visit our main In-House Training page to learn how to become a Certified In-House Trainer.


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