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MANUFACTURER:      UPDATED June 2020***    This booklet contains all the information for a trainer to certify employees of a Vermont Licensed Manufacturer of Malt, Vinous or Spiritous Beverages.  If the manufacturer also has a 1st Class License, a 1st Class Certified trainer will need to use that material to conduct the training for the employees who work under that license.  Copies of training certificates for Manufacturers should be kept on site at the Manufacturer's location, as well as at any of the 4th Class or Farmer's Market locations the Manufacture

In-House Training

Please  note that in-house material content does not reflect temporary rules regarding outside consumption in Addendum 15, nor alcohol delivery, takeout and curbside pickup of alcoholic beverages covered under Gubernatorial Directive 4 .  The content also does not reflect the temporary 90-day extension for expired IDs  from the DMV under Gubernatorial Directive 3.  For full information , please click here to access the current FAQs.

Wholesaler Trade Practice Webinar

Recorded: October 11, 2018

Presenter: Chief Skyler Genest

This is a 1 hour webinar explaining federal trade practice violations and Vermont specific application.



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