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Agency of Education and Vermont Lottery Unite to Upgrade Winooski and Swanton School STEAM Programs

May 18, 2022


For Immediate Release
May 18, 2022

Contact: Ted Fisher (AOE), Jacqueline Posley (DLL)
Phone Number: Ted Fisher 802-595-5562, Jacqueline Posley 802-828-4932

Agency of Education and Vermont Lottery Unite to Upgrade Winooski and Swanton School STEAM Programs

MONTPELIER, Vt. – Winooski Middle & High School and Swanton Elementary School are this year’s winners of the Educate and Innovate Initiative (EII), a partnership between the Vermont Agency of Education and the Department of Liquor and Lottery, Vermont Lottery. The 2022 EII award focuses on practical and deliberate use of technology to increase student engagement in the creation of meaningful, proficiency-based, and personalized learning programs. Winooski and Swanton schools will each receive $15,000 worth of equipment to upgrade their unique Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) curriculums.

Schools are chosen through an application process facilitated by the Agency of Education. Funded by the Vermont Lottery, the program is an annual opportunity for two Vermont schools (or districts) to receive $15,000 in equipment for proposed technology projects that promise to put the power of learning directly in students’ hands.

Winooski Middle & High School will re-design their computer-based music-making program, as part of the district’s performing arts graduation proficiencies. New equipment will enable students to create, record, and produce music or audio recordings through computer technology, which will enable students to build entry-level skills and a foundational portfolio that can be used for those who choose to pursue a career in music, creative professions, or journalism.

Swanton Elementary School will enhance their MergeEDU programs by purchasing an enterprise subscription for the entire school and supplementary equipment to implement a program within all K-6 grade classrooms. MergeEDU uses augmented and virtual reality to increase student engagement and comprehension. Students interact with 3D objects by projecting them onto a cube, into the real world, or on their device’s screen. This allows them to interact with a hologram, creating an opportunity to manipulate objects and materials that would otherwise be intangible.

Once Winooski and Swanton implement their programs, the Agency of Education and Vermont Lottery will host a Fall STEAM Showcase at each school. Like last year’s presentation at Braintree Elementary, the STEAM showcase will allow students, faculty, parents, and community members to learn about the new initiatives. “The winning proposals apply technology to accelerate learning,” said Secretary of Education Dan French, emphasizing the importance of technology in schools. “Both Winooski and Swanton’s proposals engage students’ creativity, allowing them to take control of their learning. I am grateful to Vermont Lottery for the investment made in Vermont’s education community.”

About the Agency of Education
The Agency of Education implements state and federal laws, policies, and regulations to ensure all Vermont learners have equitable access to high-quality learning opportunities. The Agency accomplishes this mission through the provision of its leadership, support, and oversight of Vermont’s public education system.

About Vermont Lottery
Vermont Lottery is a division within the Department of Liquor and Lottery, which provides a regulatory framework of licensing, compliance, enforcement, and education for the responsible sale and consumption of alcohol, tobacco, and gaming entertainment, ensuring public safety, and contributing 100% of profits to Vermont communities through the General and Education funds.

PDF of this Press Release can be found HERE.