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Break Open Tickets Non-Profit's Instructions

Non-Profit’s Reporting Instructions

Reporting site

You may use the reporting site to submit entries one at a time, or you may enter a bulk upload.

The upload file must be a valid comma-separated values (CSV) text file. The data fields must be ordered exactly like this:

Serial, Date Game Ended, Denomination, Count, Payout Percentage, Distributor ID, Name of Game Manager, Manager Street Address, Manager Town, Manager State, Manager Zip, Manager Phone, Manager Email, DLC Licensee, Amount Sold, Amount Received, Form Number, Other Name, Other Street, Other City, Other State, Other Zipcode, Other Phone, Other Email

If you select "Other" as a distributor, you must provide the name, address and contact details. Otherwise, please write "NONE" in those fields.

There should be 24 columns altogether. NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT INCLUDE COLUMN NAMES.

The comma-separated values file should look something like this, with one transaction per line.

"33333333, 09/28/2017, 100.00, 100, 100, 13, John Doe, 147 State Street, Montpelier, VT, 05601, 000-000-0000, DLC@VT.GOV, no, 100, 10000, 13446, John Doe Distributing, 111 Test Street, Montpelier, VT, 05601, 111-111-1111,"

Files that do not conform to this format will be rejected. Most spreadsheet applications, such as Excel, as well as accounting/inventory management systems are capable of saving files in comma-separated values (CSV) format. For help, contact your vendor.

Non-Profit's Format Template

If you use the template, you MUST remove the top line of column headers and save the file in a .csv format.

List of Distributors

id    name
1    Best Bingo Supplies, Inc
2    Bingo Supply of Vermont, Inc
3    Burke Enterprise Partnership
4    Game Tab Ltd