FY2018 Changes

01 July 2017

This past legislative session reviewed the existing Title 7 language resulting in Act No. 83.  Summary.

Act No. 83 (H.238). Alcoholic beverages; tobacco; State Lottery; games of chance
An act relating to modernizing and reorganizing Title 7
This act comprehensively amends Title 7 and other titles to correct, update, and reorganize the statutes relating to alcoholic beverages. In addition, the act includes provisions that do the following:

  •  repeal obsolete or out-of-date statutes related to alcoholic beverages and tobacco products
  •  permit wine to be sold in kegs
  •  permit nonprofit organizations to auction fortified wines and spirits at fundraising events
  •  permit fourth-class license holders to sell kegs of beer or wine
  •  clarify language relating to fees for the application for or renewal of a license or permit
  •  permit second-class license holders to allow an employee of a designated manufacturer or rectifier to serve beverages under a tasting permit issued to the second-class licensee
  •  permit motor vehicles delivering alcoholic beverages to advertise alcoholic beverages on the vehicle
  •  permit the Department of Liquor Control to hire 16- and 17-year-olds to perform tobacco sales compliance checks
  •  permit the Department of Liquor Control to raffle off the right to purchase certain rare and unusual spirits and fortified wines
  •  increase the number of casino events that a location owned by a nonprofit organization can host to two casino events per month
  •  increase the number of casino events that a nonprofit organization can hold from three per year to one per month
  •  create the Department of Liquor and Lottery Task Force to develop a plan and draft legislation necessary to create on or before July 1, 2018 the Department of Liquor and Lottery

Effective Date: July 1, 2017


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