NOTICE: The Education Division will be launching a new On-Line training site on Augsust 1, 2017.  In preparation for this cut-over, our current site will be off-line from July 20 - July 31. Current users MUST complete any training that is in process by July 19th at 12:00AM. If you are a current user and do not complete your training by July 19th, your registrations will be void, you will be required to re-register on the new site and payment will be forfeited.  If you have any questions, please contact Melanie at or at 802-828-2339.

The State of Vermont statutes require that all who sell or serve alcohol or tobacco must attend training and be certified by the Department of Liquor Control.  There are several types of training available.

  • First Class seminars are for those who serve alcohol for a bar, restaurant, club, hotel, manufacturer, catered event, or bookstore/art gallery.
  • Second Class seminars are for those who sell alcohol or tobacco in a store.
  • During licensing time (March-April), we also offer tobacco only classes for businesses that sell tobacco only and manufacturer/solicitor trainings.

Note that the seminar schedule is subject to change on a daily basis!  If you can't find a seminar in your area, check back soon!

If you have any questions or want to reserve by phone, please call our office at 1-800-832-2339 or 1-802-828-2339.
If you have reserved a spot and are unable to attend, please email Nicole Lynch at or call our office at 1-802-828-2339.

Please be prompt as late attendees will not be allowed!

For seminars held at our Montpelier office, please don't rely on MapQuest and similar online mapping tools to find us; they usually direct you to the wrong Green Mountain Drive.  See the map and directions.


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