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Who We Are

An integral part of our mission is to provide excellent customer service. Our goal is to provide retail customers access to clean, properly stocked outlets conveniently located around the state and to make available those products which meet the demands of residents and visitors to Vermont, at reasonable prices. Our retail objectives are: to stock new products as they are introduced into the market; to constantly monitor levels of customer satisfaction and to anticipate our customers needs; to provide training in product knowledge and customer service for outlet personnel and consumers; and, to stabilize outlet inventory levels, minimizing out-of-stock situations, while providing our customers with a wide variety of products. 

To this aim, the DLC adds agency stores as needed, reviews new products throughout the year, and offers an aggressive sales program. DLC also offers a number of features geared to the specific needs of our customers, such as: a nationally recognized “special order” program, a unique bank of product information available through the stores’ point of sale systems and at our website, and the ability of agency stores to offer tastings of spirits to the public for educational purposes.

DLC also supports local distillers by distributing their goods to our stores around the state. Recognizing the importance of their business to our state, DLC is proud to carry a fine selection of Vermont-made distilled spirits.